About Inta Juice

Getting "Inta" a healthier way of life is what we are all about. Our focus is to deliver nutritional foods through our full service juice bar. Since opening our doors in 2005, we have focused our attention on providing the highest level of customer service while serving a variety of healthy food and drink products to our customers who lead active and health conscientious lives.

We serve a choice of over fifty of the freshest and finest quality fruit smoothies available with a choice of individual supplements to enhance the nutritional value of each smoothie. Inta Juice also serves wheatgrass juice and a variety of other fresh squeezed vegetable and fruit juice and blends to satisfy the tastes of all our customers. You can also complement one of our drinks with a sandwich, wrap or panini from our sandwich menu.

In addition to having the best products in the industry, our customer service is even better. We have developed great relationships with our customers over the years and they continue to be our number one priority. So for a nutritious meal on the go, get "Inta" Juice!